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November 9, 2020 11:08 AM Noah Yaghoubian

NYPC_Repair opened in 2010 and here we are more than ten years later, and I find myself once again shifting with the market and moving towards what I think is the future for tech support. NYPC_Repair is now NYPC IT. We have officially moved away from the repair business and are now solely focusing on Managed Services, Consulting, and Projects. We now require all clients both residential and small businesses to sign up for a support and maintenance agreement to help you with your computers.

Through the years NYPC_Repair went from focusing on repairs for computers and mobile devices to managing small business networks and remote support. We quickly noticed the importance of helping small business clients and making sure a trusted and reliable IT company (Like us) is available when the client needs us. Over the years we have built awesome relationships with our clients. Trust in an IT relationship is the #1 priority. Trusting your IT provider is critical if we are to provide you with quality service.

For our small business clients, we focus on bringing a very well-rounded ecosystem covering everything from cloud services, managed security, custom computers, and servers to secure remote access or the wires in the walls. NYPC IT offers a wide range of IT services that makes our offering feel as if we are part of your staff and company. We take the headache of daily IT or project tasks out of your day. Business owners should not have to worry about wasting time on IT-related tasks or security concerns that eat up the day. Time is money and making sure things run like well-oiled machines are critical in today’s tech-heavy world. NYPC IT offers flat-fee IT so you can easily budget your IT-related expenses for the year. Over the years we have created a proactive preventative approach that prevents downtime and also gives our clients the ability to easily scale in size without having the high cost of random onsite visits. Every small business needs a managed service provider to help guide them on the right path towards success with their technology. If you feel we would be a fit for your business, please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (888) 616-6972

For our residential clients, we focus on three critical areas. Anti-virus, Backup, and Updates. We feel having these three key areas being managed is critical in today’s online world. Making sure your first layer of defense is active while surfing the web and your most important photos or schoolwork is backed up is one of the most difficult tasks for a residential client to manage. NYPC IT manages those critical tasks for you. We make sure the computer has the latest updates installed, anti-virus security is installed and activated, also make sure backup has run recently and completed. Over the years we have seen far too many people lose data due to no backup or catch a virus because they had no security software installed. At NYPC IT, we take it to the next level for residential clients and now offer a support plan that includes dark web monitoring, our favorite password manager, and remote support for basic tasks such as printing and scanning or setting up your Microsoft services properly for a smoother windows 10 experience. If you feel we would be a fit for your PC please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (888) 616-6972

For our project only clients with no computer support, we are focusing on Network Infrastructure, Security Cameras, and Custom Computers. Over the years we have run miles of cables and configured too many networks to count. Setting up a strong wired and wireless network that meets the demand for your devices is something we specialize in. We specialize in building out networks for small businesses with hotels, restaurants, bars, commercial buildings, and sometimes out of the ordinary places. Security cameras have become a daily part of life, having security cameras is a must for any home or small business. We only offer IP cameras that are made with high-quality parts and a 5-year warranty. NYPC IT camera systems are built to last and be a step above the competitor with the latest AI technology. Custom Computers are a must for the power user or someone who just wants fast reliability. NYPC IT specializes in making custom computers for daily use or for the gamer and editor who need high-end graphics,  terabytes of storage, and more CPU power. NYPC has built custom flight simulators, high-end gaming machines, Engineering AutoCAD and 2020 design machines, Plex Media Servers, DIY FreeNAS servers, and standard Windows server. If you feel we would be a fit for you please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (888) 616-6972

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