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Phone Consult

From the desk of: Noah Yaghoubian

President, NYPC IT, Inc.

NYPC’s Managed IT Service

Dear Friend,

I am looking for a “right fit” client who needs an outsourced IT team. My company will manage IT services and help your bottom-line ROI.

If that’s you, I believe I can help take the headache out of your day with the constant IT tasks that are needed in today’s world. I am happy to provide you with a free network evaluation to show you how our team can benefit your company.

Briefly here’s what I have in mind:

First, I want you to schedule a day where we can chat about you and your wonderful business over the phone to make sure NYPC IT is right for your business. There’s no charge for this, and it only requires about a 30-minute phone call. After doing this type of thing for over 10 years we’ve gotten pretty good at helping companies with managed IT services.


During this phone consultation, we’ll discuss what you are looking for with a managed service provider, what critical areas you want to fix first, how many employees you have that use computers, who your email and cloud providers are, what IT budget can be allotted, and any goals you have with technology in your company that our team can make happen.

At the end of this initial phone consultation, one of these two things will happen…

1. You will love what I have to say and will want to sign up and become our client ASAP. If this is the case, we’ll knock if out of the park…and that’s a promise