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Benefits of using NYPC IT for Project Services

Have you ever hired someone and find out they are not qualified to complete the project? At NYPC IT we only focus on Project Services which we have been offering for years. Over the years we have proven a time-tested method of doing Projects which results in the best possible outcome for our clients.

Have you ever had trouble with a Wi-Fi signal and have spent hours on the phone with your cable company trying to get Wi-Fi coverage to the entire area?

Have you ever purchased an “easy” out of the box Security Camera or Doorbell solution from a big box store and found out it was not so easy?

Many of the “Easy” out of the box solutions are convenient for the consumer, but not reliable in the long run. At NYPC IT we only use top quality products that we can warranty and fully stand behind.

Many clients never consider using an IT Service Pro because they don’t realize two things:

  • That a IT Service Pro is available to help with technology
  • How affordable it is

Here are the benefits of working with NYPC IT for your Project Services.

Friendly, Helpful, and Honest Tech Support

Did you purchase a store-bought MESH Wi-Fi solution and was told it was the strongest Wi-Fi solution for you? So, you setup this “Easy” MESH Wi-Fi solution from the big box store and now the signal is strong, but the internet is very slow, or unstable, or just flat out doesn’t work and requires regular reboots to fix it.

Just because a technology solution is easy, that doesn’t mean it is a good solid quality product or that it will do the job adequately. At NYPC IT we take the time to scope out the project to assure that you get the best outcome and customer experience. We also only use quality products which we are knowledgeable with and can support.


Custom Built Computers

NYPC IT builds custom desktop computers that are built to your specifications for your needs. We offer fast reliable low power workstations for daily use, or we can build a power-hungry editing computer to create your latest masterpiece! High-end power-hungry gaming machines are our specialty, we have built Microsoft flight simulators, arcade style minicomputers, and high FPS gaming setups with matching RGB (Red Green Blue) cases and peripherals! Let our custom computer be the backbone for your new adventure.


Data Recovery Services

In a world where data is becoming more and more important, it’s crucial to have a reliable data recovery service. NYPC IT can perform basic data recovery on devices such as hard drive, solid state drive, flash drive, and memory card. IF we cannot recover it, then its free of charge. We have also partnered with a 3rd party advanced data recovery solution provider so if NYPC IT cannot recover your data then hopefully, they can.


Low Voltage Wiring

a direct line connected from your router to the device—is a best-case scenario for many desktop computers, printers, game consoles, Smart TVs and other devices. And though it might not be feasible to wire every device, consider plugging it in if it’s practical. Here are five benefits you’ll notice:

  1. Better overall internet speeds (Wi-Fi speeds often fluctuate)
  2. Better overall local network speeds (Faster file transfer and printing with an ethernet cable)
  3. A more reliable connection (Wi-Fi can have interference with other wireless devices)
  4. Fewer security concerns (Wi-Fi opens up your systems to additional risks)
  5. Easier to diagnose in large environments


Enterprise grade Wi-Fi

Our ever-increasing reliance on the internet has created a demand for reliable Wi-Fi solutions. Businesses are no stranger to the need for a sturdy Wi-Fi software solution in today’s increasingly virtualized world, businesses cannot afford to struggle with dropped connections and lag time. Consumer Wi-Fi solutions are unable to meet the needs of a small, mid-sized or large corporation. Robust enterprise Wi-Fi network software solutions use marginally different management methods and protocols than consumer Wi-Fi solutions. 

Enterprise-level connection equipment can support larger loads as well, without tapering off into dead zones or suffering from dropped signals. Wi-Fi access is centrally controlled by an administrator to ensure only authorized users can connect to a network.


Dahua Security Cameras

As a leading security solution provider, Dahua offers end-to-end solutions for various applications and vertical industries including traffic management, government facilities, retail, and banking & finance and so on. Application solutions such as Intrusion, tripwire, Vehicle Recognition, Face Recognition and LPR (License Plate Recognition) feature set Dahua aside from your consumer grade camera systems.


Vendor Liaison Services (Business only)

Having trouble getting Internet access or telephone services in your business? Not a problem.

NYPC IT has access to 3rd party vendors services such as Internet providers, VoIP telecom providers, Point-of-Sale systems, alarm services, Audio Video services, and others. We work closely with 3rd party vendors to fill in the gaps with technology services that NYPC IT does not directly offer. Since we have a strategic partnership with these companies, we work closely alongside with them to make sure you are getting the quality service your business deserves.


Use NYPC IT for your Project Services Today! 

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