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Residential IT Services

When computers first started popping up on desks, they were mainly relegated to the office. Then as technology started becoming a bigger part of our lives, PCs began migrating into homes, until many people have similar types of home networks as do small businesses.

Then with the growth of smart devices, another entire layer of technology was added, including smartphones, tablets, cameras, thermostats, and more.

Each person has approximately 8 internet-connected devices, and that is expected to rise to 13.6 by 2022.

While this tech is designed to make our lives easier, when it’s not running correctly or is complicated to set up, it can do just the opposite and lead to frustration and money spent on things that aren’t being fully utilized.

Many businesses in the area get help with their technology from a trusted IT partner by signing up for a Managed IT Service Provider like NYPC IT. These plans include regular maintenance. network security monitoring, help desk assistance when you need it, managed updates, backups, and more.

But, what about residential customers that need the same type of support? They can also get the same frustration-free service with a Residential Managed Services Plan from NYPC IT!

Benefits of Signing Up for Residential IT Support Services

Have you ever suffered with a computer that started slowing down? It could be a virus, but you won’t know if it goes unchecked.

Having trouble with a Wi-Fi connection and have spent hours on the phone with your cable company trying to get your router to work? This could take just minutes instead if you have a relationship with an IT services pro.

Many residential clients never consider signing up for managed IT support because they don’t realize two things:

  • That IT support is available for home technology
  • How affordable it is

Here are the cost and time-saving benefits of working with NYPC IT for managed IT services for your home.

Friendly, Helpful Tech Support

Did you just get a new printer and need help connecting it to your Wi-Fi and computer so you can print and scan? You don’t have to wait for a tech savvy grandchild to come visit, when you have a managed IT plan that also means you have a helpful expert there to call on when you need us. You can save time and frustration working with a team that has years of experience in the IT industry.

Help Securing Your Network & Devices

Hackers are out there 24/7 targeting residential networks. They try to gain access through things like fake phishing emails and social media posts that contain a link to a malicious website. Identity theft and credit card fraud have become serious problems in the digital age and the malware that enables these crimes has become more sophisticated. Even large corporations need help with managed security to ensure their sensitive data isn’t stolen, and it’s just as important for home networks that might not have strong security settings. From your tablets to your social media settings to your Wi-Fi and smart devices, we can help you safeguard your data from cybercriminals.

Keeping up with Technology

Keeping up with the latest hardware can be a difficult task with how fast technology moves. NYPC IT can make those decisions for you, so you don’t have to. We make sure you get the proper CPU, RAM, HDD, SSD, and DVD that meet your needs. Having the latest computer hardware can save up to 16 minutes per day of lost time due to a slow computer. (That’s 4.1 days per year).

NYPC IT builds custom desktop computers that are built to your specifications for your needs! We offer fast reliable workstations for daily use, or we can build a power-hungry editing computer or gaming computer that can be the backbone for your new adventure.

Saving Time with Smart Devices

Smart devices like internet-connected thermostats that you can control with your smartphone and automated voice assistants have become the norm in many homes.  57% of Americans say that smart devices save them on average 30 minutes per day. They can help you do everything from order a pizza hands-free to preheat the oven for dinner from another room, but only if they’re set up properly. An IT pro can connect all your smart devices and show you how to use them so you’re saving time using these devices, rather than giving up on them.

Improving Productivity

Many people of all ages, seniors included, now work at least part-time from their homes. Remote working saves company money and allows them to hire people from anywhere. This means that many home computers are actually work computers and need just as much care to ensure they’re productive. A crashed hard drive or laptop that’s slowing down can mean a serious dent in productivity that can impact the income of someone working from a home office. Having your PC taken care of through regular IT maintenance and management can make a big difference in “uptime” and having your PC work efficiently.

Preventing Data Loss

Losing treasured family memories or important budgeting spreadsheets can be devastating if that data is not properly backed up. Data loss can occur due to multiple factors, from hardware conflicts to accidental liquid spills. Managed IT support can include managed backup services, which means your backup is being monitored to ensure it hasn’t hit any snags and is safely copying your data to the cloud so it will be accessible no matter what happens to your physical computer.

Sign up for a Residential IT Support Plan Today!

Home technology is only continuing to grow and become more a part of our everyday lives. Get a handle on yours so you can keep your data secure, take full advantage of your tech, and ditch the IT frustration.

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