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Our Focus

Over the years our team has proven a time-tested method of Complete IT Solutions that dramatically benefit our customers.

To ensure our customers receive the best possible service, our team of experts is trained on the products and services we offer. We are only dedicated to offering top-quality services.

Hard work, honesty, patience, and accountability. These are qualities our team is dedicated to standing behind.

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Managed IT Services

64% of organizations are using some form of managed services. Managed Services gives companies access to experts to maintain their technology without the need for costly internal staff.

Voice Over IP

82% of companies report cost savings when they moved to cloud services such as Voice over IP. VoIP offers the flexibility and portability that small businesses benefit from.

Data Backup

67% of data loss is due to failing hardware. Backing up data might not seem like a high priority or a particularly exciting business decision, but it’s essential to keeping your critical information safe.

Cybersecurity Services

31% of US companies close after falling victim to ransomware. The average cyberattack cost approx. $3.6 million in losses, which can be devastating for a small business.

Cloud Services

Companies that implement Cloud services like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are likely to see more than 150% RIO. Say goodbye to local servers and high maintenance costs.

Security Cameras

Did you know Billions of dollars each year are lost to internal theft, shoplifting, fraud, and organized crime? Security cameras can help prevent incidents before it happens. 

Why Choose NYPC IT?

When we talk to clients over the years, we continually hear about poor service and response times, loss of data, security compromises, slow and out of date systems. We have structured our managed services offering to hit these objectives head on with Fast and Reliable services. NYPC IT practices a proactive method of IT to help improve systems and workflow. Our partners get access to a robust toolset offering that helps keep your business secure and running smoothly. The technology solutions we offer can be put to work for your business. Allow us to streamline process and improve your ROI.


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Managed IT Services vs. Break-Fix: Which Is The Better, More Cost-Effective Option?

You’ve probably heard the famous Benjamin Franklin quote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” I couldn’t agree more — and that’s why it’s my sincere belief that the managed IT approach is, by far, the most cost-effective, smartest option for any small business. The only time I would recommend a “time and materials” approach is when projects are needed (such as a network upgrade, server replacements, cloud service implementation, etc.). Outside of that specific scenario, I do not think the break-fix approach is a good idea for general IT support for one very important, fundamental reason: you’ll ultimately end up paying for a pound of “cure” for problems that could have easily been avoided with an “ounce” of prevention.

Why Regular Monitoring And Maintenance Is Critical For Today’s Computer Networks

The fact of the matter is, computer networks absolutely, positively need ongoing maintenance and monitoring to stay secure. The ever-increasing dependency we have on IT systems and the data they hold — not to mention the type of data we’re now saving digitally — has given rise to very smart and sophisticated cybercrime organizations and who work around the clock to do one thing: compromise your networks for illegal activities.

In most cases their intent is to access financial information and passwords to rob you (or your clients), create fake identities for credit card fraud, etc. In other cases they may want to use your computer network to send illegal spam, host pirated software, spread viruses, etc. And some do it just for the “fun” of being able to make computer systems inoperable. These criminals work around the clock in teams, constantly finding and inventing new ways to get around your antivirus software and firewalls; that’s why you have to remain ever vigilant against their attacks.

Of course, this doesn’t even take into consideration other common “disasters” such as rogue employees, lost devices, hardware failures (which are the #1 reason for data loss), fire and natural disasters and a host of other issues that can interrupt or outright destroy your IT infrastructure and the data it holds. Then there’s regulatory compliance for any business hosting or touching credit card or financial information, medical records and even client contact information such as e-mail addresses.

Preventing these problems and keeping your systems up and running (which is what managed IT services is all about) is a LOT less expensive and damaging to your organization than waiting until one of these things happens and then paying for emergency IT services to restore your systems to working order (break-fix).

Not ready to make the leap yet?

If you are not quite ready, we would love to send you a copy of a short “Managed IT Services” guide. This guide touches on the most important reasons why having a managed service provider can save your skin at a time of need.

Even if you are not ready to make the leap now, this guide will help you see the benefits in having a managed service IT provider looking over your shoulder when help is needed.


What People Are Saying

“Best Customer Support!”

As a business we survive on great customer support, Noah and Angel provide the best customer support. Their readiness and quick turnaround times ensure that we’re able to maintain all technical aspects of our business up and running. We would recommend them 10 out of 10 times to fulfill your repair needs.

“These guys are pros.”

This was the third time I’ve gone to NYPC with computer issues, and the third time I’ve been thoroughly pleased with their customer service, and how they quickly resolved my laptop malware/virus issues that were sucking battery life, RAM, and my patience.

“Best in the Valley!”

These guys are the best. My go-to store for all things computer-related. Excellent customer service. Best in the valley, probably the best in SoCal. Don’t bother taking your PC or Mac anywhere else.

“Very Knowledgeable”

Noah and Angel are both very knowledgeable and easy-going personalities make stressful problems easy to deal with. Living out of the country for a year they helped me on numerous occasions remotely solve my issues. Highly recommend for both computer and mobile device issues. A+++

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